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Securit : Bronto Link Lock

Securit : Bronto Link Lock

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Classic style folding lock. As secure or sometime even more secure than most popular chain locks.  This is a premium lock that is rated for use with most E-Bikes as well as all regular bikes. 
  • Securit Locks, made by Abus
  • Folding style allows for compact transportation
  • Rubber like coating protects bicycle frame and increases usability
  • Swivel head allows for easier locking
  • Convenient rattle-free carrying case mounts with velcro straps or to bottle cage mounts
  • Carrying case with "click-in" latching mechanism for comfortable one-handed use
  • Easy to use "snap closure"
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock


Why we like it:

This Lock is the perfect combo of premium security and lightweight convenience. This lock is great for if you are going to be hopping around town, headed to the sore of out for a bite to eat. 

You may use this as a secure way to lock up your e-bike, but, for overnight storage if it is outside or accessible top the public please consider a chain lock with a high security rating. 

This lock has a Gold rating from and that is why we cant recommend it enough as a lightweight easily to pack up lock for all your daily needs. This meets their rigid and rigorous standards have met their standards and has features that secure this rating for these sturdy locks.

Qualified Harvard Bike Benefit Expense? : Yes

Member Discount Eligible : Yes

Diameter : 5mm
Length : 2`7"/80cm
Type : Key
Color : BLK

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