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Niterider Swift 500/Vmax+ Combo

Niterider Swift 500/Vmax+ Combo

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  • An excellent light set for commuting, neighborhoods or weekend warriors
  • Swift 500:
  • Best in class lumens per dollar
  • 4 light levels plus 1 Daylight Flash mode
  • Low battery indicator
  • Lightweight
  • Vmax+:
  • Lightweight tail light featuring 36 chip-onboard LEDs in a compact design
  • Thanks to its integrated clip, it doubles as a clip on safety light for clothes, bags or arm bands
  • Features 2 steady and 4 flashing modes for functionality at any time of day
  • 6 modes with run times up to 27.5 hours


Why we love it:

This is the ultimate urban commuter light set. Bright enough to illuminate the road or path in front of you but not so bright it will blind others. The rear is super bright making you visible from very far away. This is the set our Founding Mechanic Dave uses on all three bikes us owns. He has very little complaints outside of battery life. This front light usually requires 2 hours charging time every week if set to the highest/brightest setting. (These settings are not for everyone/everyday use, he often goes for rides on local trails in the evenings after work) We love these because they are great for riding at night in dimly lit or dark places and can give off enough light to illuminate dark trails in the dead of night. We love rechargeable lights because they are great for the environment and help to create less e and battery waste


Qualified Harvard Bike Benefit Expense? Yes

Member Discount Eligible? Yes


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